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积极搜罗世界各地海鲜 产地空运,天天直送 Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd 专业活海产批发及零售,拥有多年丰富海产贸易经验,为马来西亚最历史悠久的海产贸易公司之一。

我们多年来秉承忠诚服务顾客的精神,坚持每日为客户供应最新鲜,最优质的水产品. 我们供应多样化的活鲜,包括各类优质海鱼:野生海鱼、多宝鱼、比目鱼、加拿大龙虾、澳洲龙虾、法国面包蟹、阿拉斯加帝皇蟹、印尼膏蟹、本地青蟹、带子皇、象拔蚌、扇贝、生蚝、各种贝类,以及直接进口优质的冷冻海鲜产品。 我们面前世界,精益求精,积极拓展海鲜供应,尽力满足各饮食界客户的需求.

Searching worldwide for the most succulent seafood Selected range of exceptionally high quality live seafood daily imported by air, Fresh and Scrumptious!

Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd has many years of experience in international seafood trading for live seafood. We are one of the leading seafood trading companies in Malaysia. We are fully committed to provide our clients with the best service and seafood products with the highest quality.

We provide a large variety of live products, including Wild Seafish, Turbot Fish, Canadian Lobster, Australian Lobster, Alaska King Crab, Mud Crab, Geoduck, Oyster…. etc. We also import quality frozen seafood. We are facing the world, striving for the best, aiming to provide the most satisfactory service and the freshest products to our clients.

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